Employers Losing Job Candidates Due to Poor Background Check Experiences

Background checks are designed to validate candidate resume’s and protect employers from hiring risks. The process of finding the right candidate for the job position can be a daunting task. What’s worse is when time and resources are wasted due to candidates falling off because of a poor experience during the background screening process. According to a recent CareerBuilder survey, more than a third of employers (38%) have lost candidates because they had a negative background check experience. Also, less than half of HR managers who conduct employment background checks have tested their background check experience themselves. For the employers that do test their screening process, 1 in 6 employers have found their screening process to be less than ideal and rated their process as fair or poor.

Many employers are aware that background checks are an important tool in the business process but even fewer take the time to evaluate the candidate experience, ease of use, the simplicity and how it impacts the hiring process. The unfortunate truth is that the longer the background check process, the higher the risk of losing a quality candidate to another employer. This is why it’s important for employers to be testing their application and background check process and make sure that job candidates are having a positive experience.

How the Background Check Process Reflects on the Business

The truth is, the candidate hiring process isn’t just the company reviewing the candidate. The candidates themselves are also forming an opinion about the company. That’s why a negative screening process, whether it’s the application, interviews or background check process, can determine how the candidate feels about working at a company. If the opinion of the company is a negative one, then the chances of the potential employee seeking another employer are higher.

56% of candidates think less of a company if they have a poor experience during the hiring process. 8% of those who have accepted a job offer but then withdrew their application did so because a background check took too long or they had a negative experience with a background check or drug screen. Accredited Background Checks, Inc. goes to great lengths to ensure the background check process is conducted quickly, confidentially and professionally to ensure employers are maintaining a positive experience for their candidates and employees.

How to optimize the Background Check Process for Candidates

A poorly conducted background check is one of the most common reasons employers have lost candidates who have accepted job offers. 21% of employers who lost candidates said it was because the background check process took too long and 21% said it was because the candidate had a poor experience. Fortunately, here at Accredited Background Checks, we have several suggestions employers could use to optimize their background check process.

1. Choose your Background Check providers carefully

Before choosing a background check provider, employers need to make sure that the provider keeps up with compliance standards. We recommend checking to see if the background check provider is accredited through the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). You can also make sure that your provider gives timely communication and support relating to all of your background screening needs. Accredited Background Checks, Inc. is proudly NAPBS certified and always has client specialists ready to provide the best customer support.

2. Test the background check process turnaround times

As we mentioned before, the longer the wait times for a background check to be completed, the higher the risk of losing a candidate to another employer. We recommend that employers pay careful attention to how long it takes for their background check provider to produce a report. Typically, and depending on the type of background check requested, reports should generally take no more than five business days. However, many background checks on average take 24-72 hours to complete.

If you have questions regarding the length of time it takes for a particular background check request, you can give us a call or view background search descriptions to get a general idea of background report turnaround times.

3. Test candidate experiences

Employers can test the background check process themselves to get a good idea of how easy and straightforward their process is. We also recommend that companies conduct a brief survey or simply asking candidates for their opinion about the hiring process. Companies can utilize the insights received and implement changes where they can.

4. Have Accurate Candidate Information for reports

One of the best ways for employers to have a positive screening process is to simply have the most accurate candidate information as possible. Employers need to make sure to fully read the requirements for each background check report so that they can request that information from the candidate before a request is made. Having all the necessary information before submitting a request to Accredited Background Checks will allow the background screening to be performed immediately without any delays.


Positive Background Check ExperienceHow Accredited Background Checks, Inc. can help

At Accredited Background Checks, we pride ourselves in providing easy-to-use, safe, secure and confidential background screening solutions whether you’re a small trucking company in rural America or a large global enterprise. Accredited Background Checks helps solve background screening problems and helps your organization to work smarter. We provide a background check process that will ensure a smooth and efficient screening process for all of your potential candidates and employees.

Our focus is to make sure every company makes better hiring decisions to prevent potential liabilities and risk. Our express accounts allow employers to quickly enter candidate information and request common background checks in order to provide the best candidate experience possible. At Accredited Background Checks, every client receives the best customer support in the industry.

Client Resources

We understand that there are many laws on the Federal level and State level in regards to background checks. As an NAPBS Accredited employment background check provider, Accredited Background Checks remains FCRA Compliant so that clients can rely on quality, safe and secure background screenings. We also like to make sure every client has as many resources as possible to maintain compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Federal and State law. Some of the resources that we provide are also to make sure clients have the necessary information for any type of background report request. As we mentioned before, having the right information from the candidate for the report being requested can help expedite turnaround times.

The resources that Accredited Background Checks provides such as candidate questionnaires, disclosure & authorization forms, or motor vehicle records release forms can be found on our Background Check Resources page.

If you’re an employer seeking employment background checks, or to provide a better screening process experience for employees and candidates, please give Accredited Background Checks, Inc. a call at (800)-441-2728 or simply send us a message online. One of our client support specialists will be happy to answer your background check needs.

You can also get started today by signing up for our Premier Employer Account or for faster ordering, setup an Express Account today.


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