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Rhode Island to Introduce Mobile Background Checks


The state of Rhode Island is getting serious about background checks. The attorney’s office has decided to bring back state and national criminal background check services. They will start to offer the screenings at different locations across the state in August.

The mobile background check services will be offered to anyone required by statute to have a national background check conducted through the attorney general’s office and for those required to have a state background check for employment or volunteering.

A state background check involves a State Criminal Search which provides access to public criminal records from the applicable state. Search results may include felony, a misdemeanor, and/or traffic-case information. And a National Background Check could involve a Federal Criminal Search; which reports the records of crimes committed against Federal Criminal Laws. This report is especially relevant for screening management positions.

The checks will be available as follows:

  • August 3rd: Bristol
  • August 7th: North Kingstown
  • August 10th: Cranston
  • August 15th: Charlestown
  • August 16th: Lincoln

The screenings will be offered in the police departments of the towns from 2 pm- 6 pm and will be very affordable.

The Attorney General’s office is committed to making Rhode Island take background checking more seriously and they hope by making it accessible to all people, everyone will be encouraged to feel safe in who they are hiring. Over 80% of employers do background checks in their potential hires to screen out any candidates who could be dishonest, this has proved especially important in the banking world when new hires are going to have access to large amounts of money.

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