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Can Employers Do Credit Checks?

In today’s world of background checks, drug tests and all kinds of verifications for employment it can be difficult to figure out where the line is drawn. It is important for employers to know who they are hiring but we are all entitled to a little privacy. We are debunking one of the greatest employer myths today and please leave any additional questions about employer checks in the comments below and we will be sure to answer it in a future blog post!

“Credit Score” vs. “Credit Check”

It is very important to know the difference between your Credit Score and Credit Check before questioning what an employer can check because it may not be as bad as you think. Remember that your credit score is a three digit number composed of all of the contents on your credit report, which basically details all of your borrowing history from consumer credit cards, to car loans and school loans.

Your potential employer can pull a credit report BUT the report they request is not the same one lenders and credit card issuers see. Credit bureaus have a separate product available specifically for this purpose. There are several things excluded from this report including your birth date. Also, it is worth noting that an employer cannot check your credit report without your approval first. You must sign and consent for them to check your report. This is also a usual stipulation for pre employment verifications so if it is not run past you. the credit screening cannot be performed.

Employers can request credit report screenings during a background check for an additional fee through Accredited Background Checks. Email us or place an express order at and be on your way to not only hiring better candidates if you are an employer but protecting yourself as an employee.

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