Accredited Background Checks, Inc.

Accredited Background Checks, Inc. Launches Nationwide Background Screening Service

Accredited Background Checks, Inc. is a nationwide firm based out of Winter Park, Florida that provides background screening services for companies seeking information for job applicants or current employees. In addition to employment background checks, Accredited Background Checks, Inc. also offers screenings for individuals wishing to search records pertaining to themselves.

The staff at Accredited Background Checks, Inc. has several years experience in the background screening industry and are certified by the National Association of Professional Background Screeners (NAPBS). “Our mission is to help alleviate staffing risks by providing businesses with the necessary tools to hire the right person for the job,” said James Greer, CEO, Accredited Background Checks, Inc. “We pride ourselves in providing easy-to-use, safe, secure, confidential and FCRA compliant background screening solutions.”

Whether you’re a small trucking company in rural America or a large global enterprise, Accredited Background Checks provides employment and personal background check solutions and exceptional customer service throughout the United States that supports increased efficiency.

The types of nationwide searches offered by Accredited Background Checks, Inc. can include but are not limited to:

  •     Criminal History Search (Local, State, National)
  •     Social Security Verification
  •     Professional License Verification
  •     Motor Vehicle Reports
  •     Credit Reports
  •     Sexual Offender Registry
  •     County of Residence Search
  •     Civil/Lawsuits/Bankruptcy

Accredited Background Checks, Inc. provides quality pre-employment and personal background screenings that are accurate, secure and confidential. For more information, request a background screening or become a client, please contact us at 800-441-2728 or contact us online.

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