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Accredited Background Checks, Inc. provides background checks and employment related screenings in the city of Hernando, Florida for employers and individuals. Background checks in Hernando, Florida are a valuable tool when considering an application for employment, promoting a current employee or responsibilities involving sensitive information or financial duties.

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 Background Checks in Hernando, Florida for Employers

The benefit of conducting a pre-employment background check or employment screening is significant. However, ensuring that the process of conducting a background check is in compliance with the FCRA can be challenging. Employers conducting background checks in Hernando, Florida must comply with all aspects of the FCRA including disclosure, consent, adverse action, disputes and other important requirements.

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Drug Testing and Background Checks in Hernando, Florida

Accredited Background Checks also provides drug and alcohol testing services which can be utilized in conjunction with a Hernando, Florida background check. All drug tests are analyzed by a SAMHSA Certified Laboratory and reviewed by a licensed Medical Review Officer (MRO). Additional testing methods include urine, hair, oral saliva, blood and testing can be utilized for employment, DOT, court ordered and school related purposes. Adding a drug test to a background check is fast and easy. Simply add it to your background search option prior to placing your request online or call our customer relations department at 1-800-441-2728Drug testing services provided by Accredited Drug Testing, Inc.

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Accredited Background Checks provides background checks in all Florida Cities including Orlando, FL, Jacksonville, FL, Miami, FL, Tampa, FL Tallahassee, FL, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Melbourne, FL, Ft. Myers, FL, West Palm Beach, FL and Hialeah, FL.

Background Checks in Florida are also available in all Florida Counties.

Regardless of a company’s size, Accredited Background Checks is available to serve your employment screening needs throughout Hernando, Florida and the surrounding cities. Accredited Background Checks also provides the resources and assistance which employers need to navigate this challenging and sometimes confusing process.

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