What's an Education or License Verification?

Education Verification's

When employers want to verify that you attended the school or professional program you said you attended, or that you completed the degree or credential in the field of study that you indicated, the employer will run an Education Verification.

In an Education Verification, employers may find candidates that have reported a degree that they did not receive, or candidates that claimed they received a degree in a particular major that they did not. For example, an employer may find that a candidate claimed to have a degree in engineering when in fact they majored in a major for political science.

Employers may also be interested to learn if the institution a candidate attended is recognized or supervised by an official educational accrediting body that awards legitimate degrees and diplomas.

Professional License Checks

Employers may wish to conduct professional license checks to verify that the license held hasn't lapsed or expired and that the license is in good standing. Generally, the professional license check will include contacting the applicable industry or state licensing board to verify professional licenses.