How To Expedite My Background Check?

Although background checks may sometimes take up to thirty days depending on the nature and scope of the background check that is requested, there are some things you can do to help speed up the process of the background check. Some of the most common reasons background checks may be delayed are due to lack of information. It is imperative that as an employer or potential employee, you have all the necessary information regarding your history claims. 

As an Employer

  • Ensure the full name of the candidate is accurate and spelled correctly
  • Have as much work history information on the candidate as possible such as previous employers, dates of employment, job titles for each position held and contact information
  • When and where the candidate attended educational institutions
  • A signed consent form from the candidate to perform a background check

As a Potential Employee or Candidate

  • Be as accurate and truthful as possible. Supplying inaccurate information or being untruthful can cost you the potential job with an employer as well as delay the background check and hiring process. 
  • Have on hand all previous employment documents such as W-2's and/or paystubs
  • Be prepared to show educational credentials such as certificates, degrees or diploma's
  • If you have a professional license or certification, have your professional license and certifications on hand 
  • Ensure your driver's license or state identification is up to date and available