Employment Statistics Every Employer Should Know

Statistics Every Employer Should Know

As an employer, it is important to be aware of the history of the employees you hire and the type of work environment that they will be working in. Knowing the backgrounds of your employees and having a proper screening process in place could help prevent your business from potential losses and liabilities. Some business owners may be reluctant to have an employment background check system but having one could mean life or death for a company. Below, you will find some of the many reasons, or statistics, to why ordering an Employment Background Screening from Accredited Background Checks is not only a good idea, but it could save your company.

Did You Know?…

In the United States, there are over 2 million crimes that occur in the workplace annually and 30% of business failures are due to poor hiring practices according to the Department of Commerce. These staggering figures alone should be enough to encourage employers, especially small and new companies, to conduct at least a basic criminal background check on all potential employees.

Workplace Safety

According to the United States Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration, workplace violence costs employers $36 billion each year and the average award in a workplace violence lawsuit exceeds $1 million per case according to the Workplace Violence Research Institute. Workplace violence, including its most extreme form, homicide, is a very serious issue. It is imperative that businesses properly vet potential employees to ensure that they are hiring candidates that are least likely to commit violence in the workplace. At Accredited Background Checks, we care deeply about maintaining a healthy and safe workplace which is why we recommend employers to conduct multiple background screenings. We have multiple background check packages to choose from to ensure employers have as much information to make the best decisions possible.

Employee Fraud & Theft

Theft in the workplace is one of the main concerns companies have. Workplace theft tops out at more than $120 billion annually with 95% of all companies being victims of theft. Unfortunately, only 10% of these employers will ever discover that they were victims of employee theft. Again, having a proper vetting system in place through Accredited Background Checks will give you the tools to hire the most qualified and trustworthy candidates.

Job Application Claims

Unfortunately for business owners, job candidates tend to minimize their criminal history when applying for a position or leave it off their application all together. The reason for this may be because applicants feel comfortable misrepresenting this information because employers will not follow through on conducting a criminal background search anyway. This is why we suggest to every employer, no matter what industry, to conduct the most basic background search in the form of a criminal background check.

Unemployment rates coupled with competitive job markets for what jobs that are available has led to a rise in misrepresented information on job applications and resumes. Job seekers who don’t have a degree or special skills are inventing them out of desperation due to unemployment. About 40% of information on a resume is misrepresented with 67% of resume’s and applications in the U.S. contain false information. The consequences of false information on applications and resume’s tend to affect the employer because candidates who misrepresent information on applications, tend to misrepresent issues on the job. It is said that resume fraud costs employers over $600 billion annually.

What Does This All Mean?

If you’re an employer, taking the previous information and statistics into account should be step number one. You must consider the costs to your business and decide whether you want to become a victim of these statistics or take steps and precautions to ensure you’re hiring the right candidates for your organization. Instituting a background screening program within your hiring process will no doubt save your company from unnecessary losses and liability. When you order an employment background check from Accredited Background Checks, you are receiving the most accurate reporting available as well as the keys to a successful business.

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